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Retail Profit and Monthly Performance Bonus | Amway Hong Kong

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The uniqueness of the Amway Business lies in its time-proven Sales & Marketing Plan which on one hand, rewards the efforts of Distributors, and on the other, inspires Distributors' potential. It is possible, through the Amway Opportunity and through individual efforts, for a common individual to create success of his own and achieve financial security.

Distributors achieve their qualification levels by selling products, expand their networks by sponsoring others to become Distributors, and increase their Business Volume by duplicating their selling efforts.

A Distributor's income consists of the following three elements:
  1. Retail Profit

    You may earn retail profit from the sales of products to customers. When you are paid by a customer for the products you sold to the customer any difference between the Distributor Price and the selling price that you receive is retail profit.

  2. Monthly Performance Bonus

    In addition to the retail profit, you will also receive a Monthly Performance Bonus. It is calculated on the basis of Business Volume (BV) and Point Value (PV). The higher the BV and PV of you and your Personal Group each month, the higher the bonus amount you will receive.

    Your Monthly Performance Bonus is governed by Point Value (PV) and Business Volume (BV) in accordance with the Performance Bonus Schedule. The Performance Bonus Schedule specifies the PV required for different bonus levels and the bonus amount is calculated based on the BV of products sold. PV is Distributors' effort index; BV is the value of products sold. The relationship between the two sets of values is governed by the 'PV/BV ratio' as announced by Amway each year considering factors such as product price adjustment, inflation and Distributor income level.

    Amway computes the Monthly Performance Bonus according to the total monthly PV of you and your Personal Group and the corresponding bonus ratio. In this performance year, the PV/ BV ratio is 1:16 (i.e.1PV=$16BV). For example, if you and your Personal Group achieve a total of $16,000 BV in a month, the total monthly PV will be 1,000. Under the Monthly Performance Bonus Schedule, you will receive a 9% bonus on the $16,000BV which is $1,440 ($16,000BV x 9%).

    *The examples of bonus calculation and award qualification illustrated in this website are based on the PV/ BV ratio in this performance year (i.e. 1:16). Amway will adjust the PV/BV ratio according to the actual market situation.

  3. Other Bonuses

    Other Bonuses are computed by Amway on the basis of the Business Volume of a Distributor Group to reward effort in training Downlines and expanding the business.

    In addition, Amway has designed other forms of recognition for Distributors, including recognition in the Amagram magazine, invitations to attend travel seminars, award pins, etc.

Monthly Performance Bonus Schedule
Monthly Personal Group PV Bonus Ratio
10,000 or above BV21%
7,000 – 9,999 18%
4,000 – 6,999 15%
2,000 – 3,999 12%
1,000 – 1,999 9%
600 – 999 6%
200 – 599 3%

The Monthly Performance Bonus is calculated according to your monthly BV and the corresponding bonus ratio. By expanding your network through sponsoring others to the Amway business, your BV and bonus amount will increase. The following examples illustrate the potential of Amway business.

Remark: PV / BV ratio is determined by Amway with consideration to factors such as price, inflation and Distributor income level. In this performance year, the PV/ BV ratio is 1:16.

Assume that you achieve $16,000BV (1,000PV), you are entitled to a Monthly Performance Bonus of 9%:

Total Monthly Performance Bonus = $16,000BV x 9% = $1,440


Suppose you sponsor three new Distributors. They each reach $16,000 BV (1,000PV) in a given month. Under the Monthly Performance Bonus Schedule, your group's income is as follows:

Total BV of your downline group = $16,000BV x 4 groups = $64,000BV

Total Monthly Performance Bonus of your group = $64,000BV x 15% = $9,600

Monthly Performance Bonus paid to Downline Groups A, B, C = $16,000BV x 9% x 3Groups = $4,320

Your Monthly Performance Bonus = $9,600 - $4,320 = $5,280