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ARTISTRY Founded in 1968 by an entrepreneurial couple named the Rehnborgs, the ARTISTRY™ portfolio features skincare, makeup and holistic beauty solutions that are infused with nature, perfected by science and personalized for each individual's needs.

Artistry is the only beauty brand backed by Nutrilite*, the world’s number 1 selling brand of plant-based vitamins and dietary supplements.
*Nutrilite includes sales of both Nutrilite and Nutriway-branded products
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ARTISTRY™ products are extracted from Nutrilite™-sourced ingredients through the application of unique technologies. Combining Nutrilite™'s more than 85-year experience in plant nutrition technology with ARTISTRY's 60-plus years of advanced skin care technology, together with collaborations with renowned botanical scientists, ARTISTRY aims to provide the most effective skin nutrition to boost your skin's vitality and appearance.


When it comes to the research and development of new products, ARTISTRY's focus is always on safety and reliability. Using Nutrilite™-sourced ingredients, the aim is to ensure that the products you use adhere to rigorous production standards that allow unprecedented "seed-to-skin" traceability and are guaranteed to be pure, safe and effective.


Over the years, ARTISTRY has put a strong focus on research and development, aiming to develop products that are personalized to individual needs. Customers are able to find the most suitable products for different skin types and age groups, enabling them to enjoy healthy and glowing skin from within.

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What is unique about the Artistry beauty and makeup collections? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Artistry is a top brand of skin care and cosmetic products, sold through direct selling by Amway in more than 50 countries and territories worldwide. Founded in 1958 by the entrepreneurial Rehnborg couple, the Artistry portfolio features skincare, makeup, and holistic beauty solutions that are infused with nature, perfected by science, and personalized for each woman's individual needs. Exclusive formulations reflect the global research, development, and quality assurance conducted by a network of more than 900 scientists and international skin health doctors from leading universities. The brand has analyzed over 32,000 faces from all over the world to develop product solutions based on each woman’s unique skin needs.

Does Artistry cosmetics contain animal-derived ingredients? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Cosmetic ingredients can come from many different sources, such as animals, plants, synthetics, biotechnology, minerals, etc. These ingredients have their own unique functions and characteristics, which can bring good skincare and repair effects to the skin. The ingredients will be incorporated into specific formulas for different purposes and needs to provide the required efficacy of the product.
Artistry currently does not filter any ingredients from individual sources. As long as the ingredients are safe and effective, they may be used in cosmetics.

What is the effect of adding "Paraben" to cosmetics and skincare products? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

"Paraben" is a preservative approved by the Department of Health for use in cosmetics. The main function of adding preservatives to cosmetics is to inhibit the reproduction of foreign microorganisms.
Since the basic ingredients in cosmetics and skincare products are moisture and oil, as well as other active ingredients according to different efficacies, these may become the source of nutrients for microorganisms. In addition, cosmetics will be used and stored for a long time. They are easy to be contaminated by microorganisms. If the cosmetics are contaminated by microorganisms during the manufacturing process, it is called primary contamination. However, if the microbial contamination occurs due to improper use and storage by consumers, it is called secondary contamination, such as taking out the product directly with fingers, bottle cap is not covered properly and placed in a high temperature places. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of cosmetics, it is necessary to add preservatives.

When the skin is very dry, can I apply more lotion or cream? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Lotions and creams mainly provide the moisturizing ingredients needed by the skin. If the amount is too little, the moisturizing effect will not be achieved. But as the absorption of skin itself is limited, if the amount is too much, it will easily block the pores and cause burden to the skin. Therefore, when choosing skincare product, you should look at your skin type and use the right amount. If the skin is too dry, you can usually apply Hydra-V Ampoule Mask, Signature Select Hydrating Mask or use serum products to increase skin’s moisture.

How to choose the suitable colour of foundation? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

When choosing the colour of foundation, you should choose the colour that is closest to your original skin tone to express a natural and flawless skin tone. It is recommended that you should try your makeup under sufficient light, especially the natural light by the window, to see the true skin tone. First, rub the foundation on the skin on the lower cheeks and jaw to observe whether the skin tone is natural, or whether there is obvious colour difference between the face and the neck, until your skin shows a natural skin tone, which means that you have found a suitable foundation for yourself!

Signature Select 51709DCE-C280-495B-8980-48E6C750228F
Can I apply Signature Select Masks every day? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

For people with dry skin and those who often stay in an air-conditioned environment, as the skin is prone to the lack of moisture, you can increase the frequency of using Signature Select Hydrating Mask. Normally you can use it 2 to 3 times a week to make your skin feel more supple and to help improve dryness and peeling.
Signature Select Purifying Mask and Signature Select Polishing Mask are cleansing products. Excessive use may cause skin allergies due to over-cleansing. Therefore, depending on the skin type, it is recommended to use them 1 to 3 times a week to achieve deep cleansing effect.

Will the efficacy become lesser if we just put one Amplifier into the Base Serum? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Rest assured you are still getting the full volume and value of the product, but if you add only one Amplifier then the Personalized Serum will not be able to address multiple skin concerns at once.

Are there any combinations of Signature Select Personalized Serum which work the best? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Personalized Serum was designed to be a customizable for each user’s specific skin concerns, so there is no “best” combination of the 25. However, we can provide a few examples that have been featured in other markets:

  • Brightening Aqua Set: Hydration, brightening, anti-spot
  • Flawless Purifying Set: Hydration, Anti-wrinkle, anti-spot
  • V-shape Brightening Set: Hydration, brightening, firming
  • All Rounded Anti-aging Set: Anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-spot
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How to mix and match the use of Intensive Care products? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Step1. From the 1st to the 6th week, use the Renewing Peel twice a week
Step2. From the 1st to the 6th week, use the Anti-Wrinkle firming Serum at night (Note: stop using the Anti-Wrinkle firming Serum if you are using the Renewing Peel on the same day)
Step3. In the 7th to the 8th weeks, suspend the use of Intensive Care products to give the skin a period of adaptation
Step4. From the 9th to the 10th week, continuously use the 14 Night Reset Program for two weeks
Step5. From the 11th to the12th week, suspend the use of Intensive Care products to give the skin a period of adaptation

What is the difference between the Renewing Peel and other exfoliation products? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

The Renewing Peel can exfoliate your skin immediately, and is rich in moisturizing and repairing ingredients. It is gentle and does not irritate the skin, and boosts of long-term repair and improvement of skin texture.