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Conduct and Taxation | Amway Hong Kong

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Amway Distributors should abide by the Rules of Conduct which includes the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan incorporated in "Amway Award and Reward", "Amway Policies and Regulations" and all amendments made by Amway.

As an Amway Distributor, I agree to conduct my Amway Business according to the following principles:

  • I will deal fairly with people I meet in my activities as an Amway Distributor in the same manner I would wish them to deal with me.
  • I will uphold and follow the Rules of Conduct as stated in the official Amway Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct and official Amway literature, observing not only the 'letter' but also the 'spirit' of those Rules.
  • I will present Amway products and the Amway Business Opportunity to my customers and prospects in a truthful and honest manner, and I will make only such claims as are sanctioned in official Amway literature.
  • I will be courteous and prompt in the handling of any and all product complaints, following procedures prescribed in official Amway literature for the giving of exchanges and refunds.
  • I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standard of integrity, frankness, and responsibility because I recognize that my actions as an Amway Distributor have far-reaching effects.
  • I will accept and carry out the various prescribed responsibilities of an Amway Distributor (and of a Sponsor and Direct Distributor when I progress to such levels of responsibility) as set forth in official Amway literature.
  • I will use only Amway reviewed or produced literature in connection with the presentation of the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan, the selling of Amway Products, and my activities as an Amway Distributor.
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Amway Distributors earn an income through the Amway opportunity and their own efforts in the business. Like any citizen who works in another profession, Amway Distributors are liable to pay taxes. Every year, Amway will report to the Inland Revenue Department all monies paid by Amway to each Distributor. As a Distributor carrying on a business in Hong Kong, you have to file profit tax returns to the Inland Revenue Department every year.