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Global Award Recognition (GAR) was implemented from September 2021 onwards. The standards for Distributor Award will be divided into local and global standards. Executive Dimaond Direct and up will belong to global awards, and Distributors will be evaluated based on their effort made in Amway businesses worldwide; Founders Diamond Direct and below will belong to local awards, and will be evaluated based on their effort made in their local Amway business.

Distributors must be a Founders Diamond Direct Distributor in at least one Amway market (must have at least 6 or above Founders Platinum groups, including international groups) and must be an Emerald Bonus Recipient (EBR) at the same time. Global Award Qualifications are evaluated based on the sales performance of Distributors' No.1 and No.2 businesses. Global Award starts at Executive Diamond and up Platinum Distributor (6 FP groups and 10 QC)
Founders Platinum group (FP group)
  • WIDTH is measured by the number of Founders Platinum group/legs, excluding internationally sponsored groups, qualified Multiple Business or non-FP groups.
  • FP groups/legs must be the downline of Distributors' No.1 and/or No.2 businesses.
Qualification Credits (QC)

Depth is measured by Qualification Credits (QC) defined based on the number of downline leaders as shown in the table below:

  • No.1 and or/No.2 Businesses must be a FP group/leg with 1QC at most. For FP group /leg with more than 1 QC, it must be an EBR in the market where they set up Multiple Business.
  • The QC from Founders Platinum Distributors is 3 points per group at most.
Downline Qualifier QC
Founders Platinum Distributor (FP) - Up to 3 QC per leg 1.0
Emerald Bonus Recipient (EBR) 1.5
Diamond Bonus Recipient (DBR) 3.0
Founders Diamond Bonus Recipient (F.DBR) 6.0

Remark: EBR, DBR and F.DBR must achieve Founders Direct Distributor to be a qualifier

Global Award Tiers

As leaders move through their Global Award Recognition journey, they progress through leadership tiers which allow additional Qualification Credits (QC) to be eligible per leg.


  Award Level FP Group QC
Founders Council Members Founders Crown Ambassador Direct Distributor 14+ 100 Up to 12QC per leg
Crown Ambassador Direct Distributor 14+ 88
Founders Crown Direct Distributor 12+ 76
Crown Direct Distributor 12+ 64
Leaders of Leaders Founders Triple Diamond Direct Distributor 10+ 52 Up to 12QC per leg
Triple Diamond Direct Distributor 10+ 43
Founders Double Diamond Direct Distributor 8+ 34 Up to 9QC per leg
Double Diamond Direct Distributor 8+ 25
Global Leaders Founders Executive Diamond Direct Distributor 6+ 16 Up to 6QC per leg
Executive Diamond Direct Distributor 6+ 10
Business Example - Executive Diamond Direct Distributors

Nurturing FP legs or leaders so as to be qualified as an Executive Diamond Direct Distributor


8 FP groups/legs
Building with width 10QC in total (QC)

6 FP groups/legs
Building with depth 11QC in total (QC)

Business Example - Double Diamond Direct Distributors

Building business with width and depth to nurture leaders and attain higher award

8 FP legs
25.5 QC in total
(15 credits from FP; 1.5 credits from EBR; 3 credits from DBR; 6 credits from F.DBR)