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Every year, Amway organises different seminars for Distributors with distinguished performance at different pin levels. Accommodation, catering and transportation are all provided free by Amway for qualified Distributors. Outstanding distributor leaders will have the opportunity to share experience with each other, and share business ideas with top executives of Amway

General Requirements for Invitations to Amway Seminars
  1. Participation in Amway seminars is by invitation. Distributors fulfilling the qualifications are not automatically entitled to the invitation. Amway reserves the right to issue an invitation.
  2. Amway seminars are not a guaranteed part of the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan. Amway reserves the right to organise the seminars or revise the programmes.
  1. Distributors must be an owner of a Distributorship, and abide by all rules and regulations in the Amway Rules of Conduct to qualify for invitations to Amway seminars
Amway Leadership Seminar

The five-day-four-night Amway Leadership Seminar is an annual occasion for outstanding Amway Distributors. To reward Distributors for their conscientious effort in developing the Amway Business, Amway will invite qualified Distributor leaders to attend the Leadership Seminar. Distributors will have the opportunity to share each other's experience, review the past and prepare for the future.

In addition to the general requirements, Distributors have to fulfill the following qualifications for invitation to the Leadership Seminar:

  • Attain the Platinum Distributor qualification
  • Attain the required travel points or qualified for Emerald Bonus
  • Comply with Amway Code of Ethics
Calculation Method of Travel Points

The calculation of travel points is based on the performance in all months in the same performance year, i.e. from September 1 to August 31 the following year. If you are a new Platinum Distributor, your travel points will be calculated from September of the performance year in which you qualify as Platinum Distributor regardless of the month in which you qualify and the Performance Bonus Level you attained in the months before you qualify. For travel point requirement, please watch out for Amway’s announcement. Amway reserves the right to amend travel point requirement.


No. of Attendance Travel Points Required
1 120,000
2 135,000
3 150,000
4 170,000
5 190,000
6 210,000
7 240,000
8 280,000
9 or above 320,000
Travel Points Calculation Method

Your Travel Points are generated from the following two ways


Source of Travel Points Calculation Method Travel Points  
Your Personal Group PV 1 Personal Group PV = 1 Travel Point A Your Travel Points in that month A+B
Your 21% Personal Group or Foster Sponsored Group Your 21% Personal Group or Foster Sponsored Group

I) Personal Group PV equals or exceeds 10,000, the first 21% group generates 7,500 Travel Points and the second and up 21% group generates 9,000 Travel Points

II) Personal Group PV between 4,000 and 9,999, the first 21% group generates 5,000 Travel Points and the second and up 21% group generates 6,500 Travel Points

III) Personal Group PV less than 4,000,the first 21% group generates 2,500 Travel Points and the second and up 21% group generates 4,000 Travel Points
B Your total Travel Points in that performance year:
The sum of the Travel Points in the 12 months
Diamond Invitational

Diamond Invitational is usually held at the world's famous resorts. Qualified Diamond Direct Distributors and up will be invited to attend this six-day five-night event, to share business ideas with each other and discuss future plans for developing the Amway Business.

Other than the general requirements for Amway seminars, a Diamond Invitational participant should also attain the following qualifications:

  • Qualify Diamond Direct Distributor in the relevant performance year
  • Have at least personally or foster sponsored in Hong Kong or Macau three 21% Groups and each group must reach the 21% Performance Bonus Level for at least six months in the performance year
  • Comply with Amway Code of Ethics