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PERSONAL CARE Get ready to reveal your best with luscious locks, healthy-looking skin and a perfect smile. Shop Personal Care
FEATURED BRANDS SATINIQUE SATINIQUE ENERJUVE™ 18-MEA is an exclusive technology, a positively charged complex of strengthening lipids, reinforcing creatine. It is a natural, extremely vulnerable component of the hair surface responsible for healthy, shiny hair. Shop Satinique Watch Video G&H Developed with advanced nutritional and skin wellness expertise, and its own unique, balanced blend of skin-loving botanicals and ingredients from nature. Shop G&H Glister Oral Care - A healthy clean you can see and feel with every smile. Shop Glister
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Is personal care products suitable for children under one year old? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Since the personal care products have not been tested for safety for babies under one year old, and babies under one year old have more sensitive skin, so if you want to use any brand of products on babies, it is recommended to conduct skin allergy test in a small area such as the inside of the elbow or the inner calf. If there is no sensitive reaction, it can be used.

Does the GLISTER Mouth Refresher Spray have a sterilizing effect and contain alcohol? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

The GLISTER Mouth Refresher Spray does not have a sterilizing effect, and its main function is to quickly remove the peculiar smell in the mouth, cool and long lasting, and keep the breath fresh anytime and anywhere. The GLISTER Mouth Refresher Spray contains very little alcohol, and it evaporates as soon as it is sprayed. The main function of the edible alcohol added in the product is to dissolve the fragrance and make the fragrance volatilize with the alcohol after spraying, so that the mouth has a fresh fragrance after use. It is suitable for adults.

Is GLISTER Multi-Action fluoride Toothpaste safe to use? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

The GLISTER Multi-Action fluoride Toothpaste is available for sale in many countries around the world. The benefits of fluorine are confirmed by long-term research. Fluoride not only reduces tooth decay in children and adults, but also repairs tooth erosion that occurs with age. For any age group, fluorine is the best anti-cavity ingredient.
The GLISTER Multi-Action fluoride Toothpaste complies with the laws of the United States, the European Union, Hong Kong, Japan and other countries, so it is safe for customers to use.
For the safety and use of fluoride toothpaste, please refer to the relevant information of the American Dental Association.

How to choose the hair care products that suit you? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

When choosing the hair care products that suit you, you must first understand the nature of your scalp, and then choose the product that meets your needs. For example, washing hair means washing the scalp rather than washing the hair, so when choosing shampoo, you must refer to the nature of your scalp (oily or dry). The care and protection of hair strands need to be carried out with SATINIQUE Treat products such as Revitalizing Mask and Scalp Tonic.

Can Anti-Hairfall Shampoo and Conditioner be used as a hair tonic? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

The Anti-Hairfall Shampoo and Conditioner cannot be used as a hair tonic, but it contains ginseng and mulberry leaf extracts to revitalize dry hair and support healthy growth of new hair. It helps reduce hair loss due to breakage and stimulate blood circulation to make hair fuller and denser.

The Pursue Antiseptic Hand gel “only contains 65% of ethanol”, is its antibacterial ability sufficient to cope with the COVID-19? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

According to the Center for Disease Control of the United States (CDC), the outer layer of the COVID-19 virus has a protective film composed of lipids. Disinfecting alcohol can destroy this protective film and damage COVID-19 virus. According to the recommendations of the CDC, ethanol at a concentration of 60% or above is sufficient to destroy the COVID-19 virus. The alcohol concentration of Amway's Pursue Antiseptic Hand gel is in the range of 65%, which is in full compliance with the above technical recommendations.