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NUTRILITE Only Nutrilite™ follows a 9-step traceability process.
You want peace of mind.
That’s why you should know where your products come from.
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Did you know that more than 75% of the global population fails to eat the recommended amount of fruits & vegetables each day? That's a lot of missing nutrients!

Why Nutrilite™?
Why Nutrilite™?

We trace every ingredient in Nutrilite™ products to ensure they are PURE, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.

Global Sales No.1

Nutrilite™ is the world’s #1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand.*

Nutrilite™ is the world’s #1 selling protein supplements brand.*

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, World GBN, Retail Value RSP, % breakdown, 2020.


Nutrilite™ is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms*. It has large-scale organic operations in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil where plants are grown, extracted and manufactured into quality food supplements.

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited: Based on a 2019 review of global Vitamin and Dietary supplement manufacturers; their ownership of the entire production process, from organic farm to manufacturing. Euromonitor does not accept or assume responsibility to any third party in respect to this claim. For detailed definition, visit

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Protein 51709DCE-C280-495B-8980-48E6C750228F
Is there only one flavour for Nutrilite protein powder? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

There are All Plant Protein Powder, Greentea Protein Powder, Chocolate Protein Powder, and Berry Protein Powder which is for children.

All Plant Protein Powder, Green Tea Protein Powder and Chocolate Protein Powder are suitable for what types of people? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

1 People who want to consume low-fat high-quality protein.
2 People who exercise a lot or have high intensity exercise.
3 The whole family, children and adolescents during development, adults, and the elderly.
4 People with poor appetite and malnutrition.
5 People who are on diet.
6 Patients, people after surgery (please consult a doctor).
7 Among all protein powders, the All Plant Protein Powder is more suitable for vegetarians or people with lactose intolerance.

Is Nutrilite protein powder suitable for children? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Berry Protein Powder is suitable for children aged between 1 and 12. Berry Protein Powder is not infant formula or its substitutes. It is recommended that infants’ diet should be based on baby food, so it is not recommended for infants under one year old to consume Berry Protein Powder. Since the baby’s kidneys are not fully developed, excessive intake of protein may cause a burden on the body. For special nutritional needs, please consult a doctor or nutritionist.

Vitamins & Minerals 51709DCE-C280-495B-8980-48E6C750228F
What is the difference between Double X and Double X Refill Pack? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Double X and Double X Refill Pack both provide 12 kinds of vitamins, 10 kinds of minerals and 21 kinds of phytonutrients. Nutrilite Double X is enclosed with a pill case, while Double X Refill Pack is not enclosed with a pill case. For first-time buyer, it is recommended to choose Double X.

What is the difference between Double X and Daily? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Double X contains more than 40 kinds of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, providing the ultimate comprehensive nutrition; while Daily contains 18 kinds of vitamins and minerals, providing basic nutrients, which is more convenient in supplementing nutrition for health-conscious people.

What is the difference between Lecithin E and Hon E Leci Powder? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

The lecithin content of 1 scoop of Hon E Leci Powder equals to 3 Lecithin E tablets. In addition, the vitamin E content of the two is also different. The main function of vitamin E is to prevent oxidation and protect lecithin from oxidative damage. Therefore, the content of vitamin E may vary slightly depending on the supplement form (tablet or powder), shelf life and other factors.

What is the difference between Lecithin E and Parselenium E? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin which is transported in the body and penetrates cell membranes through lipoproteins. Lecithin is a glycerophospholipid that helps absorb vitamin E. In addition, vitamin E can protect lecithin from oxidation, ensuring that lecithin can perform its best functions. Therefore, lecithin and vitamin E have a complementary effect, which is better than supplementing lecithin alone.
Nutrilite's Parselenium E tablets contain vitamin E extracted from natural plants and selenium extracted from natural minerals, and parsley concentrate is specially added. The vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in it help protect body cells."

Functional Health 51709DCE-C280-495B-8980-48E6C750228F
Is Saw Palmetto suitable for women? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Saw Palmetto is only suitable for men. Every three capsules contain 320 mg of saw palmetto extract, rich in fatty acids, and provide healthy nutrition for men's prostate health.

Is Primrose Plus suitable for men? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Men are prone to insufficient γ-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid in the body due to work pressure, smoking, and external pollution. Moderate consumption of Primrose Plus can help supplement γ-linolenic acid (GLA). Primrose Plus also provides traditional Chinese nourishing benefits such as ginger and angelica to help stay healthy.

The product inside the Supplement Pack packaging has acquired a slight discoloration over a period of time. Is that normal? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Because many Nutrilite™ products include natural plant ingredients, we do expect some variation in color. We also expect some darkening over time due to natural aging of the raw materials during the product shelf life. Discoloration can also result from moisture or light exposure, so follow product recommended storage guidelines to prevent these causes. The slight change in color has no effect on the efficacy of the product. Nutrilite’s product development team does stability studies on our products to ensure composition throughout their shelf life. Every lot is tested to ensure it meets specifications. In addition, exposure to the environment such as heat and moisture can affect the product appearance. Please follow the recommended storage guidelines on the label or carton as well as the recommended consumption.

Weight Management 51709DCE-C280-495B-8980-48E6C750228F
Can I eat Bodykey by Nutrilite Meal Replacement Shake to replace 3 meals for weight management? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Although the protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals contained in the Meal Replacement Shake with milk are all balanced, replacing three meals by Meal Replacement Shake without other foods, the calorie intake may not be enough for some people with a lot of activity. Therefore, it is not recommended to replace all diets with Meal Replacement Shake to achieve rapid weight loss. This may cause harm to health and make it difficult to lose weight or keep the weight. The recommended progress of weight loss rate is 3~6kg in 6 weeks.

What is the difference between Nutri fibre Blend Chewable Tablets and Nutri fiber Powder? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F
  Nutri Fiber Blend Chewable Tablets Nutri Fiber Powder
Type of fiber Non-soluble and soluble dietary fiber Soluble dietary fiber
Source of fiber 13 kinds of fruits and vegetables, including apples, sugarcane, wheat, oat,etc. Inulin, non-digestible maltodextrin and guar gum
Amount of fiber 1.7g per tablet 4g per pack
Contains any fructooligosaccharide? Yes Yes
What is the consuming time of Safflower and Citrus, Slimmetry and Diet Supplement? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Diet Supplement should be consumed 15-30 minutes before meal. Slimmetry can be consumed with meals. In addition to reducing the body's absorption of fat from meals, long-term consumption of Slimmetry can also help reduce waist circumference. Safflower and Citrus should be consumed after meals as its active ingredient - CLA - mainly targets the stored fat in the body, promotes fat metabolism and reduces fat accumulation, while maintaining and restructuring muscle mass to achieve the effect of weight loss and fat reduction. The main function of other weight management products such as Diet Supplement, Carb Bloc and Slimmetry is to block the fat or sugar in the food and reduce the calories absorbed from the diet. Therefore, eating before a meal can exert its due effect.

Why Balance Within Probiotic contains 6.3 billion lactic acid bacteria? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Balance Within Probiotic is supported by more than 100 scientific researches, including clinical research. The amount of bacteria and strains contained in the formula has been confirmed by clinical studies to promote digestion and immunity. Higher in content does not mean better effect. Excessive bacterial population will only cause waste and has no additional health benefits.

Children's Health 51709DCE-C280-495B-8980-48E6C750228F
Is there any Nutrilite supplement which is suitable for children? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Nutrilite's Berry Protein Powder, Chewables, Chewable Iron and cal charge soft candy (cocoa flavor) are suitable for children.

Is it enough to consume Chewables without additional supplements? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

The nutritional formula of Nutrilite Chewables is specially designed for children aged 1 to 12. It is complete and rich in nutrition and contains 10 kinds of vitamin and iron.
It is delicious. For children, the taste is more important than nutrition, because children will not choose it for nutrition but its deliciousness. Nutrilite Chewables is both delicious and nutritious, providing children with the best choice.

Other 51709DCE-C280-495B-8980-48E6C750228F
If I am taking glucosamine, do I still need to take Cal Mag D? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Glucosamine promotes the production of articular cartilage, reduces cartilage breakdown and helps repair damaged cartilage. It replenishes joint fluid, protects joints, improves joint mobility and flexibility. It also helps reduce pain and increase joint comfort.
The calcium content in Cal Mag D is extracted from natural plant seaweed, which is one of the most abundant plants in nature. It is a renewable calcium source from a NutriCert certified farm in the deep waters off the coast of Iceland and is made into calcified seaweed through a strict production process. Calcium is easily absorbed by the body. The calcium content per serving is approximately equal to 2 cups of milk; and the vitamin D content is more than 3 cups of milk.

Does Nutrilite have any healthy snacks to replace snacks? ADB0A34E-5011-4B70-A241-054C2433EE5F

Nutrition Bar – Seaweed flavor, Meal Bar (Cookies and Cream) and Meal Bar (Mixed Berry Crisp) are healthier choices for snacks.