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All distributors in the World of Amway have the unique opportunity to expand their business into other approved countries through International Sponsoring, to share the Business Opportunity with people all over the world.

Today, the Amway network has expanded to more than 100 countries and territories. Thousands of Distributors are already sponsoring internationally and enjoying the benefits of participating in an international business.


The Amway Business may be conducted in any of those countries where Amway has established an operation. If you know a prospect in one of the countries, you should follow these recommended procedures for Sponsoring.

Since legal regulations and restrictions covering the ownership and operation of a business vary from one market to another, please attend to the following details:

  • Amway does not permit advertising for leads in a foreign country. This type of advertising is frequently illegal
  • Contact the local Amway office before you personally begin prospecting and sponsoring. Variations in local legal requirements and cultural perspectives should be clearly understood before you initiate any sponsoring activity.
  • As an International Sponsor, you are encouraged to maintain communications with your International Distributors. However, you must not send literature, sales aids or products that are not produced by the local Amway company to them. Supplying these materials to a Distributor in another country may be illegal. All these materials are subject to the legal requirement of that market. You or your Distributor may be subject to penalties including fines, imprisonment and confiscation of materials if you do. This is clearly stated and prohibited in the Rules of Conduct. Amway may take action against you including termination of Distributorship
  • When prospecting any non-citizen, you should note that most non-citizens have restrictive visas which do not allow them to be employed or operate a business in the country Therefore you may sponsor a non-citizen only if he has a working visa. Any non-citizen should receive a written ruling from local immigration authorities prior to signing an application.
  • Before an Amway market officially opens, you must not prospect, import products or organize seminars in that country. Usually, Amway will publish the New Market News three to six months prior to market opening to introduce the Sales & Marketing Plan and relevant issues. Wait till the market opening date is announced. In between, you should keep in touch with relatives and friends to familiarize them with Amway and its Business Opportunity. Prepare yourself for the official opening.

For further enquiries on International Sponsoring, please contact Amway Hong Kong Sales Department. Amway staff will try their best to provide you the most updated information.


To an International Sponsor, his Internationally Sponsored Distributors and their Downlines are regarded as his Internationally Sponsored Groups. To a Foster Sponsor, his Foster Sponsored Distributors and their Downlines are regarded as his Foster Distributor Group. Both the International and Foster Sponsor bear the same responsibility as the Personal Sponsor: the International Sponsor introduces the Amway Business Opportunity to the new Distributors and arouses their interest, while the Foster Sponsor trains the new Distributors as well as encourages them to develop their Amway Business. The International and Foster Sponsors will receive award and bonus generated by the International or Foster Distributor Group.

Benefits of an International Sponsor

Monthly Performance Bonus

PV generated by an Internationally Sponsored Group is not included in the calculation of the Monthly Performance Bonus of the International Sponsor.


Pin Award, Bonus and Travel Seminar

International Sponsors can count the volume of their Internationally Sponsored 21% Groups towards their qualification for Pearl and above pin awards, and invitations to other incentive programmes and travel seminars for Diamonds and Up.

In the calculation of bonuses, International Sponsors cannot include the volume of their Internationally Sponsored 21% Groups for Ruby, Pearl and Diamond Plus Bonuses . However, International Sponsors can include the volume of their Internationally Sponsored 21% Groups in the calculation of Emerald and/or Diamond Bonus if they qualify to receive Emerald and/or Diamond Bonus in their home markets. Emerald and Diamond Bonuses are paid to both International and Foster Lines of Sponsorship.

2% Leadership Bonus

International Sponsor can get all or part of the 2% Leadership Bonus generated by the International Sponsored Groups if qualified.


Please noted that the bonus & PV/BV ratio(s) may vary among different Amway market

Benefits of a Foster Sponsor

Monthly Performance Bonus

The PV of Foster Sponsored Groups is included in the calculation of Monthly Performance Bonus for the Foster Sponsor. Starting from September 1, 2014, the calculation of Monthly Performance Bonus for the Foster Sponsor will be the same as the calculation for the Personal Sponsor. When the Foster Sponsored Group reaches the 21% Performance Bonus Level, the Foster Sponsor will automatically qualify for the 21% Performance Bonus Level.

As shown in the figure, in the Personal Line of Sponsorship, if your Downline reaches the 21% Performance Bonus Level (i.e. 10,000PV) while your Personal Group only has 1,000PV, you still can automatically qualify for the 21% Performance Bonus Level. In the Foster Line of Sponsorship, if your Downline reaches the 21% Performance Bonus Level (i.e. 10,000PV), you will automatically qualify for the 21% Performance Bonus Level as well.


Pin Award, Bonus and Travel Seminar

The volume of Foster Sponsored 21% Groups are counted towards the Foster Sponsor's qualification for pin award, bonus and travel seminar.


4% Leadership Bonus

Like an International Sponsor, a Foster Sponsor can have the 4% Leadership Bonus generated by 21% Foster Sponsored Group. The requirement is the same as that of the International Sponsor. If he does not reach the requirement, the 4% Leadership Bonus will be passed up to the first qualified Upline Distributor along his Personal or Foster Line of Sponsorship (not the International Line of Sponsorship).


Distributors can expand their Amway Business globally not only by International Sponsoring

The second method to expand your Amway Business internationally is to establish a Multiple Business in one of the Amway-approved international markets. You must, however, make suitable arrangements with someone to operate and care for your business in your home country during any time spent in the international market. Should you elect to establish another Amway Business in a foreign country, you are still required to fulfill your responsibilities to your original business as well as your additional business.

Amway Corporation has implemented the Multiple Business policy to protect the integrity of the system and promote harmony between them. This policy is designed to fully inform distributors when they start developing a new market and to help them adhere to a code of practice.

Remark1 : To develop Multiple Business, you must be a qualified Platinum Distributor in any Amway markets (In China market, must be a qualified Senior Sales Manager (Qualified Diamond Direct Distributor)).
Remark2 : In Japan Market, must be a Qualified Diamond Direct Distributor and a Diamond Bonus Recipient (DBR).

Amway Corporation recommends distributors become Emerald Bonus Recipients (EBR) before they set up their Multiple Business. The reasons are as follows:

  • The distributor has developed certain experience and skills in the Amway business and has sufficient time to focus on building the home market.
  • The distributor is able to maximize the Sales Plan benefits as an EBR before they start their Multiple Business.

Remark: If distributors’ immediate can provide proof of residence at the target market and meet all local eligibility requirements in starting the Amway business, the above requirement can be exempted. On the other hand, if any of the distributors’ immediate family members (including parents, spouse or children) resides in the target market, the requirement can also be exempted. Proof of residence is defined as the distributor or his/her spouse who is a citizen, permanent resident or long-term visa holder of over one year (travel or business visa is invalid).

The following steps must be taken:

  1. Contact the local Amway office to become familiar with local requirements. While unable to assist Distributors in obtaining work permits or other necessary documents, Amway will refer you to local embassy or consulate for advice and instructions on how to fulfill specific eligibility conditions.
  2. When local requirements have been met, you must obtain the Starter Kit for that country and sign the application. You should indicate on the Amway Distributor Authorization Form that it is to be processed as a Multiple Business. Your Number One Business must be your International Sponsor.
  1. You can choose your own Foster Sponsor or request the local Amway office to assign a Foster Sponsor for your Special request may also be considered.
  2. The new Amway Distributor Authorization Form for the Multiple Business will be processed, and you'll be given a Second Distributor number to be used in that country.
  3. Subsequent Distributorships in other countries can be Internationally sponsored by any one of your existing Distributorship so long as you indicate your choice on the Amway Distributor Authorization Form for the subsequent group. The International Line of Sponsorship cannot be altered once.