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Corporate Social Responsibilities | Amway Hong Kong

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As a responsible corporate citizen, Amway believes the role of a corporation is to support the growth of the society as a whole. Align to this mission, Amway Hong Kong actively participate in charitable activities, and is devoted to help the disadvantaged in Hong Kong to live better and more empowered lives.

Product Donation

The fifth wave of the pandemic has laid bare some harsh realities for Hong Kong society during the early 2022. Amway has donated more than 1,000 boxes of nutritional food and personal care products to different institutions, working hand in hand with local community to fight the virus.

  • More than 1,000 nutritious food items, health supplements and personal care products were donated to elderly residents and staff working in 6 Hong Kong nursing homes.
  • More than 1,000 nutritious food items were donated to frontline volunteers and medical staff from several social welfare organizations.
  • Around 1,000 nutritious food items and personal care products were donated to several welfare organizations, giving support and showing care to grassroots families.

In year 2021, we focus our CSR work on three main pillars: Caring for elders, empower and support women, as well as support families in need.

  • Donated more than 1,000 healthy food and drink items to elderly residents and staff working in six Hong Kong residential care home
  • Sponsored Artistry Products as goodie bag and award prize to Pink Together 2021 event organized by Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation participants
  • Donated over 800 Nutritious food and drinks to local families in need

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic following the outbreak of the COVID-19 that began spreading across the world from early 2020. As a responsible corporate citizen, Amway Hong Kong has been actively involved in product donation to provide support to the local community during these unprecedented times.

  • Donated personal care products to 20,000+ medical staff across9 hospitals under the Hospital Authority
  • 600+healthy drinks were donated to elderly residents and staff working in 6 Hong Kong nursing homes
  • Donated 1,000 bottles of Pursue™ Antiseptic Hand Gel to children and people with special needs
  • Donated 2,000+ personal care and nutritious snacks to local families in need
  • Donated more than 1,000 products to participants of “Yes I Can!” event organize Hong Kong Federation of Women Limited to promote healthy lifestyle among Hong Kong people
  • Donated more than 100 personal care products and nutritious snacks to elderly residents of 2 Hong Kong nursing homes
Comfort and Support

Arranged nutritionists to conduce virtual health talks to an audience of over 100 elderly people in three nursing homes.


Arranged a nutritionist to conduct virtual health talks to audience of 80 elderly people in 2 nursing homes, provided health related information to elderly.


Amway staff visited 2 elderly nursing homes, conducted personal care talk as well as health check and health talk to elderly, offered comfort and support to elderly.