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Nutrilite™ The Power Of 5 Campaign | Amway Hong Kong

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Nutrilite™ The Power Of 5 Campaign

The “Nutrilite™ The Power Of 5 Campaign” was launched in year 2015 by Amway corporation, and in Amway Hong Kong in year 2016.

It is a campaign utilizing the nutrition expertise of Nutrilite™ to initiate a global movement around childhood malnutrition and the important role proper nutrition plays in helping children survive to reach their potential.

Age 5 is a critical milestone to survival. Not to mention brain and body development

All people need good nutrition; it is critical to provide opportunity for healthy growth and development.

The Nutrilite™ The Power Of 5 Campaign fights childhood malnutrition by providing Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ to families of malnourished children.

When mixed with their food once a day, it adds essential nutrients that help them survive, thrive and grow.

15 vitamins and nutrients are included in each sachet of Nutrilite™ Little Bit™.
The formulation of Nutrilite™ Little Bit™ follows guidelines from the WHO.

Nutrilite™ Little Bits is the first and only micronutrient supplement for malnutrition enhanced with plant nutrients1. Each sachet of Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ includes 15 life-essential vitamins and minerals that help children reach their firth birthday – a critical milestone to survival.

1 ORC International

Results of Nutrilite™ The Power Of 5 Campaign (Amway Hong Kong)

(Up till May 2022)

  • 381 Amway Business Owner donated to Nutrilite™ The Power Of 5 Campaign through Amway Hong Kong
  • 890 children benefit from the donation via Amway Hong Kong

Visit to learn more about The Nutrilite™ Power of 5 Campaign